Web Unit Studio / Thinking About Collaboration

Work to have done:

  • HTML/CSS tutorial parts 1-6 + flexbox / responsive design
  • A website preview, with a link somewhere so I can find it
  • Further work toward a full draft for peer review

Plan for the Day:

  1. Welcome back! Some writing to re-center (5-10 min)
  2. Status updates (10-15 min)
  3. Studio! and microconferences (45-55 min)

1. Welcome back! Some writing to re-center (5-10 min)

We’ve been broken up; time to get reacquainted.

Take a few minutes to gather your thoughts on paper:
  • What were you doing with your website, again?
  • Where are you in that process?
  • Given the timeline (workshop on Thursday, final due one week from midnight tonight) what realistic goals are you setting for yourself – by the final? by Thursday? by the end of today's class?
  • What questions do you have?

I will ask you to share, but briefly, out loud. The notes themselves are for you. (You can save them for your reflection if you wish.)

EXT: If you’re waiting for your classmates, make yourself a more detailed task list. Check it off as you make progress!

2. Status updates (10-15 min)

Let’s go around the room sharing one goal for today’s class, or one question. If a lot of people have the same questions or skills to practice, that’s good to know!

3. Studio! and microconferences (45-55 min)

Some general notes:

  1. I highly recommend naming your homepage file index.html. You can always change the <title>.
  2. Need to resize images? Why not use GIMP? See also the section of the resources page on “optimizing images.”
  3. Images not appearing how you want them to? Mess around in your browser’s Inspector / DevTools to see immediate changes. When it looks right, copy that code into the source files (html or css, as appropriate).
  4. Remember that links (including img src’s) are all about file structure. If something’s not showing up, make sure it’s aimed at the right target.

Please use the time to your advantage. Please also remember that there are additional resources available.

Homework for Next Time

  • Compose and push a full draft of your website project
  • If you’re not publishing your website, you can “push” to a shared Box folder.
  • Important: If you’re not using the default github repository, i.e. pitt-cdm/website--%%username%%, please email me the URL of the repository you are using. I need to be able to find your files!