Intro to Final Portfolio; Final Twine Studio

Work to have done: Almost-but-not-quite-ready group Twine

Plan for the Day:

  1. Prompt for Final Portfolio and Final Reflection (10-15 min)
  2. Studio! (50 min)
  3. Final class preview (5 min)

1. Prompt for Final Portfolio and Final Reflection (10-15 min)

Please take the handout.

Let’s go over this together so you can ask questions as they come up.

2. Studio!

Do whatever you need to do to get yourselves to a finished, playable product by midnight tonight.

Note that this may mean finally sacrificing some stretch goal you’d previously set for yourselves, so as not to overpromise and underdeliver in the game itself. You can always comment out what you can’t include, so those paths are recoverable if you want to come back to them later.

And please don’t forget to update your title passage and credit passage!

3. Final class preview (5 min)

Next class is our last class, believe it or not. Please be ready to share something you admired about a classmate’s project – from any unit – or something that stuck with you from feedback you received.

To help you in that process, I’m going to give back the cards you wrote during workshop; I trust you’ve already got photos of the cards you received.

After that gifting, we’re going to spend some time playing through each other’s final Twine games. : )

Homework for next time

  • Turn in the same components as for previous Twine deadlines, but updated:
    • an html file exported from Twine using Publish to File
    • a screenshot of the story map
    • any other files we’d need to import and view your Twine: images, css to import, etc
    • an updated title slide and/or introducing the game
    • any necessary credits (as part of the Twine, linked from your title passage)
  • Push all this to your repository (whether GitHub or Box)