Gifting and Wrapping

Work to have done: Push your final-for-now Twine

Plan for the Day:

  1. Recover your cards
  2. OMETs (EXT: tech comfort survey)
  3. Games!
  4. Open discussion / sharing
  5. Now it is clear (W.S. Merwin)

1. Recover your cards

As promised, here are the notes you gave to each other in workshops across the semester: on the visual projects, on the websites, on the twines-in-progress. Have a look through and remind yourself of where we’ve been, and what you’ve seen.

Later, I’d like us to have time to name some moments of interaction or sharing that stood out as moments of learning.

2. OMETs or reflection time

About the OMETs: these have at least three audiences.

  1. They’ll go to my program director, to help determine if I should keep teaching this course;
  2. they’ll become part of my portfolio application for tenure, read by other faculty inside and outside my department;
  3. and, after grades are turned in, they’ll go to me, so I can use them to revise and update the course. For that purpose, I especially value the free responses. (I also added a few numerical questions that are particular to this iteration of the course.)

If you haven’t yet filled out your survey, please do so!

I’ll leave the room for 10-15 minutes, to give you some privacy; I’ll probably go around to the tables by the elevator. Let me know if you want me to come back earlier than that.

EXT: I know many of you have already filled out the survey; as an alternative (or if you’re waiting for others to finish), why not head over to the Tech Comfort Survey and compare your answers now to the ones from January?

3. Games!

I’ve now played them all, and they’re all pretty great! Here’s where to find them:

In keeping with the Twiney theme, we have a couple of paths here: we can stick together and have presentations about what's new and improved since workshop (and why), or we can go full arcade and divide up to let everyone play at their own pace. Or if there's one or two groups that wants to do the first, we could start there and then split up.

4. Check in with the clock.

If we have less than five minutes left, we’ll skip to the poem. If we have more than ten minutes left, let’s share some thanks first. If we’re in between, let’s have a quick Q&A on the final reflection.

5. Departures

If we had a final exam, it would be next Friday from 8:00-9:50am. Instead, the [final portfolio]((/miller2019spring//uploads/handout–final-portfolio-prompt.docx) is due at the end of that exam slot: Friday, April 26, at 9:50am.

The reflection is the main thing, so if you do make revisions, please be sure to talk about them in the reflection.

And if you want to turn it in earlier, that’s cool with me: more time to grade before the deadline on Wednesday May 1!

We end with poetry.